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This networking group was created for small businesses, brands, product lines & entrepreneur's to connect with each other and local talent. By joining our network, you get access to specialty pricing on marketing campaigns & access to amazing local talent, who are eager to become the next face of your upcoming or existing brand & promote your product or service. 

All About the network


$25 per month gets you up to a %40 discount on all products and services.

Access to Brand Influencers and Access to a network of potential new clients. Cancel at any time. 


Join our network today for discounts on marketing products and services available at Ajani' Ink Multimedia Marketing. when you sign up for a monthly subscription get major discounts on all of our services. 


The purpose of this networking group, is to bring together local talent & local small businesses to enhance the value of the businesses in the community and give local talent the opportunity to work with reputable brands, on marketing and promotional projects. Our goal is to offer amazing marketing solutions at discounted pricing, creating stunning digital, print & video content needed to captivate your target audience.

Our Ambassadors are professionals, starting at two years old. We aim to meet the diverse needs of the industry with providing professional local talent to help you secure a new audience or grow your current client base in 2023. Visit out ink models USA page to see our lineup of professionals for you to work with during your campaign.  Check our your specialty pricing and packages below, we can't wait to work with you and bring your next project and or event to life. Sign up now to get started, select your campaign and your ambassador and lets get to work! Also part of this unique network your commercials and promotions will also be featured on our exclusive network channel. 

Member's pricing & packages


January 16, 2021

Network Start Up $700

Package Includes: Professional Talent, Professional photoshoot, 25 final images, 30 sec voice over & promotional  clip, (50) 4x6 full color campaign flyers Branding Canvas 16x20 & Directory  Listing on Ajani' Ink Tv pg.

Walking In Gallery

January 16, 2021

Network Series $1200

Package Includes: Professional Talent, Professional photoshoot, 35 final images, website landing pg. 1.5 minute commercial clip, 11x17 campaign poster, rolled canvas series & active campaign link. 

Professional Woman

January 16, 2021

Network Pro $1500

Package Includes: Professional Talent, Professional photoshoot, 50 final images, website landing pg. 3 minute commercial clip, 11x17 campaign poster, rolled canvas, 50 4x6 campaign flyers &  campaign link. 

Cosmetic Product Bottles

January 16, 2021

Network Elite $2000

Package Includes: Professional Talent, Professional photoshoot, 75 images, website landing pg. 3.5 min commercial clip, 11x17 poster, rolled canvas, 100 4x6 flyers &  campaign link. Exclusive

Brand Channel On Our Network

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